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Rabbit Adoption Form

Bunny’s Bare Necessities – Things you need before Adoption


**Must Read**


Exotic veterinarian – List of veterinarians can be found at House Rabbit Society website, or we can give local recommendations.


Carrier with blanket for travel. Double door or top opening carrier is best for bunnies.


Even if your bunny will be free range, you should have a safe secure home for them. Here are some examples of appropriate housing.   Minimum Requirements for a hoppy bunny is 8-16 square foot.

Supplies needed, see images.

*Food - Timothy hay based food is best, never use food with added seeds, nuts, or fillers. Selective food is alfalfa based but is considered one of the best foods for bunnies.

*Hay MUST be given everyday and a variety of hay keeps your bunny hoppy and will keep them from getting bored with one type of hay.

*Dried Forage is a great way for your bunnies to get the nutrients they need.

*Treats are fun but make sure they are healthy, no yogurt drops or sugary fruit.

*Bowls - water & food bowls should be heavy duty ceramic or the locking bowls. No water bottles.

*Litter boxes should be large and to keep your bunny potty trained hay and even the food bowl should be at one end. Bunnies eat & poop.

*Bedding - Do not use loose pine shavings

*Enrichment is very important to keep your very intelligent bunny from being bored!

*Toys – toys are extremely important; you can start with toilet paper rolls filled with hay and use our toy handout to buy or make more.

* Enrichment Items


Additional items needed – nail clippers, brushes, Simethicone gas drops for Infants, white vinegar/spray bottles for cleaning.


These items can be found through Amazon, PetsMart, Chewy, Tractor Supply, Oxbow, eBay and other retailers.

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