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Up For Adoption


To adopt any pet from our rescue you must first fill out an adoption application, our board will review your application and contact you for your interview.


Please note that there is an adoption fee, which varies by animal and covers the cost of bedding, food, toys, treats, and veterinary care, as well as the cost of our rabbit spay and neuter program. All rabbits are spayed or neutered and vaccinated.



We do not adopt out to children. Parents must agree to be the primary caregiver; older youth will be considered a secondary caregiver.

We interview all applicants for the adoption of any and all of our adoptees.


All adopters must have a veterinarian, and all pets should see veterinarian within 10 days of adoption.


We will take back any adoptee within the first three months, minus a percent fee.


We will take back any adoptee after the first year minus the adoption fee.


Bunnies must be inside pets, and all pets must have appropriate sized pens.


We will consider the pet you are interested in as “pending” for seven (7) days after we send out application. If we don’t hear from you after seven days, the pet will once again be put up for adoption.


Adoption fees are based on age, health, and type of adoption.


All our pets have had a general healthcare check-up. Adoption fees help to cover this cost. The adoption fees are:



All pets come without a cage! Please be sure you have the equipment necessary to care for your new pet.

We reserve the right to deny any adoption for any reason.


***NOTE: Every adoption always includes an interview to make sure we are pairing up our rescues with the appropriate home, for your and the animal’s sake. We reserve the right to deny any adoption for any reason.


Still interested in adopting? Check out the following adoptable pets available!

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