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Be an Official F5RS Bunny SuperHero!

Each month we will have one of our Therapy Bunnies or Special Needs Bunnies up for sponsorship. Donate $20 to help with our costs & provide them with toys & blankets, and special food for some of our special needs or senior working therapy bunnies. The Therapy and Special Needs Bunnies are full time sanctuary buns who will live with us forever. They receive more medical checkups than our adoptables, get special treats & toys, and the Therapy Bunnies have a lot of equipment, strollers, baskets, blankets, pee pads, & cold packs that need to be kept updated. Your donation will go towards everything needed.

You have the option to sponsor monthly, you pick the month and bunny! Once your place your donation your bunny will send you a picture with facts about their lives and you will be added to our newsletter.

Thank you for your support.


February – Frankie


March – Ducky


April – Eggnog


May –Maeve


June -Gizmo


July –Angry


August – Juan


September –Butterscotch


October –Violet


November –Little Man


December – Amelia Bunhart

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