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Who We Are


F5RS (Frisky Ferrets, Fuzzies, & Feathered Friends Rescue & Sanctuary) is dedicated to the practice and promotion of the idea that life is guaranteed to all healthy, sick, injured, or behaviorally unsound animals where medical and/or behavioral intervention can provide quality of life. At our facility, each animal receives individual consideration, regardless of health, age, prior abuse or trauma, or feral status. We provide care and treatment for all animals as needed, including veterinary care, appropriate nutrition, exercise, clicker training, and socialization with people and other animals.

All potential adopters are rigorously screened and all adopted animals leave the facility with a veterinary wellness check, conversion to a healthier diet, and proper socialization skills. Rabbits are spayed or neutered. All animals deemed unsuitable for adoption live out their lives with all the necessary amenities. It is our vision that proper education, combined with proper match of adopter and adoptee will promote responsible companion caretakers – therefore creating happier, healthier companion – animal relationships.

Our Rescue and Sanctuary has on staff at all times:

  • CCAS – Certified Companion Animal Specialist

  • CSAS – Certified Small Animal Specialist

  • Certified Veterinary Assistant

  • Healing Touch for Animals Level 1 Practitioner

  • Staff experienced in bunny massage

  • Small Animal Groomer

Approved-Rescue_Rabbit-Badge (1).png

At this time, we are only taking in rabbits. If you or someone you know needs to give up a rabbit or rabbits, this is what you need to know:


  • We do not take wild rabbits. If you find a wild rabbit, you need to contact a wildlife rehabilitator like Birds in Flight. Wild animals can carry diseases which they could pass on to our pets.

  • A pet that you want to give up and is ill still needs to go to the vet.

  • We require you to sign a waiver saying you are giving this pet up willingly.

  • Donation of the food, cage, and toys is strongly suggested and greatly appreciated! We do not ask a fee to take your pet even though we have them vet checked and take care of them until they are adopted. We have a limited number of extra cages and if you keep the cage this puts a burden on us to provide a cage for a pet you’re giving up to us.

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