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The Overweight Bunny – Regaining that hour bun figure (Part 2)

Orion’s Weight Loss Journey

Orion is a large breed bunny and was adopted from us in 2020, sadly his adopted Mom passed away and his adopted Dad was a little too free with a food that had unhealthy bits. Because he is a large breed bunny, it was difficult for his Dad to see that Orion was gaining unhealthy weight. We started grooming him in 2022 for excessive Cecotropes that were smelly and became matted and dried. This made it necessary to give him sanitary shaves. We discussed dieting but it can be hard if you aren’t bunny savvy. In 2023 Orion stopped using his litter box and developed a bad case of urine scald. We decided to medically board him here with us to treat it and get a handle on his weight. At this time his dad felt it would be in Orion’s best interest to surrender him.

What We Did First

We started Orion on Oxbow’s Joint Supplements right off, took away the “bad” pellets and added Supreme Selective 4+, a food for older bunnies, (Orion is 4+ years) in a “treat ball” so he had to move it around to get his pellets.

We bought him a new litter box with a low front to make it easier for him to get in and out. We encouraged him to move more by placing his food out of reach. No treats, fruit, or colorful vegetables during his weight loss program. In the last two months Orion has lost significant weight, has a lot more energy and hasn’t had any stomach issues.

Orion now as an “hourglass” figure and he will have a healthier and longer lifespan.

Again with any changes, please talk to your veterinarian before starting any changes.



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