News & Fundraisers

Hops & Kisses Birthday Wishes!

This cute Birthday Bunny fundraiser starts this month. For a $5 donation your birthday bunny gets a Shout out in the newsletter and on our Facebook page. All you have to do is send a picture of your birthday bunny, with name, favorite toy, likes/dislikes. Send one month in advance and we do the rest. For a $10 donation your bunny will get a shout out on Facebook and in the newsletter, a birthday card & gifts sent to your bunny.


We are in need of financial assistance!

Please check our Wish List for more information concerning the equipment and supplies that we are in need of, as well as what funds are used for. Thank you!

You can also donate beds and play platforms for the bunnies here!



Take a walk and help the animals!

ResQwalk is a free mobile app that lets you raise money and resources for your favorite animal welfare organization, and all you have to do is walk!

Throughout the year, we’ll announce a ResQpool of cash and other helpful resources that have been provided by some generous corporate sponsors. You can help your chosen organization earn a portion of this pool by downloading ResQwalk and hitting the pavement! Download it today and start walking for the animals.

Download the app today and pick F5RS as your organization! Download on Android here. Download on Apple here.