Frankie Blue Eyes


Welcome to Frankie Blue Eye’s page! We’re glad you stopped by. Frankie isn’t your typical pet rabbit. He has a story that would rival any movie plot made.

Frankie’s Story:

Frankie came to F5RS Rabbit Rescue & Sanctuary on November 5th, 2022. He was found in a car port, paralyzed and covered in matted leaves, his own urine & feces and earthworms. We were having a rescue event when a good Samaritan brought him into the rescue. We cleaned him up which took almost two hours. We took him to the vet, and it was determined he was most likely dropped or thrown. His back wasn’t broken but due to swelling we weren’t sure what was wrong with it, and one of his front legs was malformed. He was dehydrated, malnourished, weak and in pain. Fast forward 4 months, Frankie Blue Eyes was strong enough to pull himself around, but he was always stuck on one side. We thought a wheelchair would give him a better quality of life and it has! We were asked why we didn’t just euthanize him, but Frankie has such a will to live, and his life is so important, he used is abilities to advocate for differently abilities people & pets, he “writes” cards to kids with osteosarcoma to encourage them, and wears his gold cape for cancer awareness. He even went from Ohio to Atlanta Georgia to attend the MIB (Make it Better for Kids with Osteosarcoma) Factor Conference to show that even a paralyzed bunny is never too broken to be given a second chance at mobility.

“Frankie was such a hit at our FACTOR conference!  The warriors simply loved him, especially our kids with their own limb loss.  We are all hopping to greet him again in June of 2024. Thank you Frankie Blue Eyes, for Making it Better for children with osteosarcoma”

– Isabel Wolf Director of Programs MIB Agents Osteosarcoma Alliance


In July 2024, a photoshoot was set up to try and get the perfect photo of Frankie Blue Eyes for submission to the 2024 Walkin’ Pets Calendar contest. After three rounds of voting, Frankie emerged victorious in the top 12 and securing a spot in this year’s calendar.


Frankie in the news:

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Disabled Youngstown bunny in cape wins big in global pet calendar contest
Disabled rabbit from Ohio with a golden cape tapped as calendar pinup


Local bunny with disability to be featured in calendar.

Frankie Merch:

The first limited run of Frankie T-Shirts are available! Why not show your support for Frankie Blue Eyes and help F5RS care for other rabbits in need in the process! Contact us at for available shirt info.