DTBDQ- 2018 Edition

After a full year of rescue, promoting, shows, monthly pet store(s) activities, computer night, social media, creating sell able items, fundraising, educating and banging my head against a wall in an area that doesn’t seem to understand House rabbits, I am tired. Tired and sometimes sick at heart. I get cranky, irritable, depressed, sad, whiny, and think “I can’t do this anymore” I need to stop, do only the basics and try to survive. Then the crazy voices start in my head and off we go for another ride! First week of the new year and we have two computer nights planned due to the many ideas I have. I am going to try new things for the rescue, I am going to try to do a short video on each adoptable, I started with Mopsy and I really need to work on that! February is Adopt a Rescue Rabbit Month, I have some vague ideas but how to do something big? Make Mine Chocolate is the same, I need a hook for the rescue that makes people notice us, ponder, ponder, think, think…. We will be doing a two day open house every month to have people visit us and see what we do, maybe buy store items. Advertising in the paper, online, and flyers. This all on top of the many activities with the Bunnies in Baskets. I hope you join us on this crazy ride and if you have any ideas, I’m all ears!🐰🐇