DTBDQ – Application Edition

During the week before Christmas we received a half dozen emails from people wanting rabbits, and at least that many messages here on facebook. Because we have the rescue rooms people wanted to stop in and see the rabbits and then take one home. Our policy is no appointment without an approved application, and not one person followed up with an application, not one. Some I guess wanted an instant gift and thought the application process might beĀ too long, (no one ever asked) some may of wanted a cheaper price not understanding the importance of spay/neuter and the cost of having it done independently. Its just strange to me that people will go on Petfinder, see a bunny, email, and then not fill out an application. So I thought I would share our beliefs and policies here to start the new year.
1). We are not a pet store, while we do have a place for you to see bunnies we do no same day adoptions.
2). We only adopt to indoor homes
3). First step is filling out our application. We answer with questions within 72 hours.
4). Second step is our interview which is asking questions from your application. We answer within 48 hours.
5). Third step is your meet n greet by appointment so you can make sure you are happy with the bunny you have chosen.
6). Fourth step is your contract and you can take your new family member home.

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